The Institute for Faithful Research
Serving God by enriching our view of Him

The Institute for Faithful Research's 2013 goal is to serve its community better. We are planning a number of new services in addition to our current services (i.e. academic, ethics and business, consulting, and various courses).

Look for in 2017:

* Podcasts                                     *Science Talk            
* Three Minute Theology               * Art Talk
* Four Minute Philosophy              * Literature Review 
* Virtual Courses                           * More traditional Courses
* Q & A Page                                 

What is Science Talk, Three Minute Theology, Art Talk, Three Minute Theology, Art Talk, Four Minute Philosophy and the Literature Review?

These are audio and video  lectures on various issues in Theology, Philosophy, Science(s), art, and Literature. We will be creating these lectures weekly. Look for them on this website and on youtube.

This will be a feature on this website where anyone can post questions to one of our researchers and he or she will respond certain question per week. This is currently under construction. Look for it later in the year!! 

Upcoming Schedule of Classes Open to Public
To sign up email us at
Date Time Event
Aug. 8-22. 2017 7-9
North Coast Church
Dec. 5-12. 2017 7-9 New Venture Community 
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