Dyson Vacuum Comparison (Why V7 May Be Fine)

After a month of testing, I decided Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the best cordless stick vacuum for most individuals, whatever their flooring sort, due to its versatility, runtime, and worth. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute has a more powerful max mode, however the runtime to suction ratio isn’t nearly as good.

I’ll explain how I reached my conclusion by comparing two stick vacuums (Dyson V8 vs. Dyson V10) while evaluating 4 classes: carpet, exhausting flooring, battery, and design.

  • Carpet: The low suction mode isn’t enough for carpet, but the excessive suction goes the deepest.
  • Arduous Flooring: With the Delicate Roller hooked up, you will get by with the low suction mode (45 minutes runtime).
  • Battery: The low suction mode gets 45 minutes, medium 27, and high 7.
  • Design: It seems to be futuristic and holds 757 ml with a greater release compared to V8.

Greatest for you if…

You want additional runtime on exhausting flooring or to go deep on carpet with the max suction. On carpet, you need at the very least the medium suction (27 minutes). While on onerous flooring, the low suction with the Delicate Roller (45 minutes) is perfect.

Finances Choice

For $100 less, V10 Animal is identical machine, with out the Gentle Roller. It’s an excellent choice if don’t need to change rollers or don’t have many arduous surfaces.

dyson v8

Dyson V8 Absolute

  • Carpet: The common suction mode offers loads of energy, and the max is superb for high-traffic areas.
  • Onerous Flooring: With the Mushy Roller hooked up, you’ll use the common suction mode (32 minutes runtime).
  • Battery: The regular suction will get 34 minutes, and the maximum gets eight.
  • Design: The dustbin solely holds 530 ml, and the dock isn’t as good as V10’s.

Greatest for you if…

You want the most effective worth stick vacuum for any floor sort. The V8 and V10 carry out the same on exhausting flooring with the Gentle Curler. You’ll get a greater runtime on a carpet with the V8’s common suction in comparison with the V10’s regular suction mode.

Price range Choice

Should you don’t have many arduous surfaces, you can save $100 by going with V7 Motorhead (learn extra). It supplies comparable suction power and runs quieter with a barely shorter runtime.

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dyson cordless vacuum comparison

Things To Know

  • You possibly can’t go flawed with any Dyson stick vacuum as a result of they’re one of the best of the lots of of stick vacuums available on the market (I examined Shark ION F80 too).
  • Dyson has five “V” vacuums and sometimes releases a new one annually. Dyson V11 is the most recent model. Dyson believes on this know-how a lot they’ve stopped creating corded vacuums.
  • Every “V” model has a variant (Motorhead, Animal, and Absolute). For instance, each Dyson V8 has the same motor and base. The only differences between V8 Motorhead, V8 Animal, and V8 Absolute are the attachments and heads. Dyson cordless vacuum variant comparison:
    • Motorhead is the entry-level variant. It comes with the Motorhead head and two equipment: Crevice and Combination software. It cleans carpet properly but is simply OK on arduous surfaces.
    • Animal is the mid-level variant and sometimes costs $100 more than Motorhead. It comes with the Torque/Direct Drive Cleaner Head as an alternative of the Motorhead head. It’s slightly higher than Motorhead. You’ll get all the accessories from the Motorhead plus a mini motorized head designed for cleansing stairs.
    • Absolute is the premium variant and the costliest. It consists of all the accessories and rollers. The Absolute is the only choice that features the Delicate Roller Cleaner Head (known as the “Fluffy Roller”), which is explicitly engineered for arduous surfaces floors. That is important for individuals with hardwoods. (Watch my demo video that exhibits the difference within the rollers whereas on a hard floor with the same Dyson V7 base.)
  • You’ll be proud of any Dyson stick mannequin should you decide the correct variation on your house. The model variation (Motorhead, Animal, and Absolute) is more essential than the mannequin (V7, V8, V10).
  • I favor the management and switch radius of the Dyson stick vacuums in comparison with others as a result of there’s a wider range of movement they usually’re lighter.
  • You must maintain down the set off to maintain the machine powered. This preserves battery life, nevertheless it gets tiring.
  • They’re mild and nice to use as handhelds because of the load distribution.
  • If you want to study other generations, I’ve written two different comparison posts:

Dyson V10


Carpet (A-):

  • The Torque Drive cleaner head is what you’ll use on carpets. Dyson says that is an upgrade over the V8’s Direct Drive head, however I don’t assume there’s a noticeable distinction.
  • On carpets, the bottom setting isn’t ultimate (solely 16 Airwatts); you’ll need at the very least the medium suction (34 Airwatts). The medium suctions gets deeper than the V8’s regular mode, however you’ll get a shorter runtime.
  • The V10’s most suction power (151 Airwatts of suction) is noticeably higher in comparison with the V8’s. You’ll solely get 7 minutes of battery life, so you’ll only be utilizing it to sometimes go deep in specific areas of your home. It’s so powerful that it will probably compete with some corded fashions.

Arduous Flooring (A+):

  • The V10 Absolute comes with two rollers: Torque Drive and Mushy Roller.
  • On arduous floors, you should use the Torque Drive head. It does nicely, however you’ll in all probability need the medium suction mode.
  • Ideally, the Tender Roller is what you’ll use on onerous flooring because it’s more efficient and you may hold it on low power mode. There are cool technologies inside the curler. For instance, static electricity sometimes makes it troublesome for vacuums to select up wonderful supplies. The Delicate Curler has carbon fiber filaments that counteract the static.
  • In the event you don’t need to change rollers when changing surfaces, you will get by with the Torque Drive on all the things. But when that’s what you want, you should purchase the V10 Animal because it’s the identical machine, minus the Delicate Roller.
  • My take: In case you have principally onerous flooring in your home, you need one of the Absolute variants because the Delicate Curler is a gamechanger. When you’re spending a premium with the V10 and have wood flooring, why not get the perfect head for it too?

Battery (B):

  • Dyson batteries have an extended life, however they aren’t detachable (like Shark). My speculation is that Dyson doesn’t present replaceable batteries because they’re nervous concerning the motor getting overused in a short period.
  • Dyson says V10 has a 60-minute runtime with its 2300mAh battery. That runtime number is deceiving as a result of it’s what you’ll get while on low energy and with none instruments hooked up. You need motorized tools to do most things, and the low energy has worse suction than the V8.
  • With motorized tools the low suction will get 45 minutes, medium will get 27 minutes, max will get 7 minutes.
  • You’ll want a minimum of medium suction energy on carpets and it’s simpler than the V8’s low suction.
  • They’ve a three.5 hour recharge time.

Design (A):

  • It seems beautiful and futuristic.
  • It weighs about three.7 pounds, which works great when utilizing it as a handheld.
  • The dustbin holds 757 ml of dry material, making it 43% larger than the V8’s.
  • The V10 has a slightly nicer design where you push down (as an alternative up pull up), however these dustbins and mud removing mechanisms are all implausible.
  • The V10 sounds just like the V8, however the most suction is considerably louder than anything the V8 produces. Listed here are my numbers:
    • Low Suction: 77 Db.
    • Medium Suction: 81 Db.
    • Max Suction: 91 Db.
  • You’ll get a docking station that is nicer than the V8’s. You’ll be able to easily slide the vacuum out and in.

Dyson V8


Carpet (B):

  • You’ll use the Direct Drive cleaner head on carpets and the regular suction in most situations (22 Airwatts). You’ll get 34 minutes of cleaning time, which is more than the comparable mode on the V10. In contrast to, the V10, there are solely two suction settings.
  • In case you need additional power for top visitors areas, the excessive suction setting has 115 Airwatts and will go deep.

Exhausting Flooring (A+):

  • The V8 Absolute comes with two heads: Direct Drive and Tender Roller.
  • You need to use the Direct Drive head on arduous flooring, however it isn’t as environment friendly as the Delicate Curler.
  • You’ll want the regular suction mode with the Delicate Curler. Because of the Mushy Roller’s distinctive potential to select up wonderful mud, you gained’t discover a difference even when compared to the V10’s greater suction capabilities.
  • As I discussed before, in case you have principally arduous flooring, you want a Dyson Absolute variant. The other V7, V8, V10 variants are adequate on onerous flooring (with an all-purpose roller) but inferior to any of the Absolute variants with the Delicate Curler.

Battery (A-):

  • It has a 2800 mAh battery.
  • With motorized tools, the regular suction will get 34 minutes with 8 minutes in max mode.
  • The only time you’ll need the max mode is if you wish to go deep on carpets, but you’ll never want it for exhausting flooring.
  • The battery has a three.5-hour recharge time and is not replaceable.

Design (B):

  • It weighs about three.5 kilos.
  • It holds 530 ml of dry material.
  • You’ll by no means need to get your arms dirty. You pull the purple tab and all the mud comes out, whereas the particles from the filter is squeegeed off as it slides down.
  • The V8 runs somewhat quieter than the V10 because you’ll be using the low suction typically on the V8 and the medium suction on the V10. Listed here are the numbers I observed:
    • Common Suction: 77 Db.
    • Max Suction: 85 Db.
  • It comes with a charging dock, nevertheless it isn’t as straightforward to remove the vacuum. You’ll want to slide the angle first, then pull out.

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