Dyson Vacuum Comparison (With V7 & V8 Takes)

After a month of testing, I decided Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the most effective cordless stick vacuum for all flooring varieties because it’s quieter, has a better runtime, and an LCD display. Nevertheless, Dyson V10 Absolute is the better guess for these with principally onerous floors because it’s extra reasonably priced and includes a special roller for onerous surfaces.

I’ll examine and distinction these two stick vacuums (Dyson V10 vs. Dyson V11) by evaluating 4 categories: carpet, onerous floors, battery, and design.

  • Carpet: It’s indisputably one of the best for carpets. It has unimaginable suction power and the Torque Drive curler modifications modes routinely when you get onto the carpet.
  • Onerous Flooring: You get one roller for all surfaces. You don’t need to modify rollers, but the Torque Drive curler doesn’t clear as efficiently on wooden as the Gentle Roller.
  • Battery: With motorized tools, the Eco suction mode will get 66 minutes, Medium 43 minutes, and Turbo 8 minutes.
  • Design: It’s quieter than the V10, and there’s an LCD display which exhibits the remaining runtime.

Greatest for you if…

You might have principally carpets. V11 Torque Drive goes deep on carpets, has the longest runtime, and is quieter than other stick vacuums. It really works properly on onerous floors too, but in case you’re paying prime dollar, it’s essential get the Delicate Roller that’s optimized for exhausting floors (or you should purchase the Gentle Roller individually).

Price range Choice

For $100 less, the V11 Animal is identical machine minus the LCD display. It’s a greater value as a result of the display isn’t useful for the typical consumer.

dyson v10

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

  • Carpet: You’ll get a Torque Drive curler for carpets with superb suction power. It’s not as highly effective because the V11 from a spec standpoint, however the difference isn’t too great.
  • Arduous Flooring: With the V10 Absolute, you get a second curler (Smooth Roller) with a lot of specialised know-how for cleaning onerous surfaces.
  • Battery: With motorized tools, the low suction will get 45 minutes, medium 27 minutes, and max 7 minutes.
  • Design: There’s no display and it’s heavier than some stick vacuums, however it’s a few pound lighter than V11.

Greatest for you if…

You will have principally arduous flooring or want better value. V10 Absolute comes with two rollers. The Mushy Roller know-how picks up more debris in a single swipe while solely needing the bottom suction setting. However you’ll want to modify to the Torque Drive roller once you get to carpet.

Finances Choice

For $100 less, V10 Animal is identical machine minus the Smooth Curler. It’s a fantastic choice for those who solely have carpets or don’t need to change rollers when changing surfaces.

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cordless vacuum companion

Issues To Know

  • It’s arduous to seek out the perfect Dyson vacuum because Dyson has confusing product names and retains the earlier generations going. There are eight cordless stick vacuum variations on Dyson’s website, with greater than 15 variations obtainable on Amazon.
  • Straightforward Dyson Cordless Vacuum Comparison Information:
    • The quantity (i.e., V6, V7, V8, V10, V11) is the mannequin sort. A new “V” model comes out annually. Often, there’s a slight improve in suction power and battery runtime.
    • The phrase after the “V” is the variant and refers back to the rollers which are included:
      • Motorhead: You get one roller, and it’s probably the most reasonably priced entry-level unit.
      • Animal: You get the Torque Drive roller, which is great on exhausting flooring, but shines on carpets.
      • Absolute: You get the same Torque Drive curler (from Animal) AND the Tender Roller, which works greatest on exhausting flooring.
    • If in case you have principally carpets, you need a Motorhead or Animal. If in case you have principally arduous surfaces, you want the Absolute variant.
  • While vacuuming on exhausting surfaces, the suction power on the spec sheet is irrelevant between these models. What do you have to look for? The rollers (i.e. the variation sort). I made a video demoing how drastic the distinction is between the Torque Drive head and the Tender Curler head on exhausting flooring.
  • Battery runtime shouldn’t be a big think about your choice either. Because batteries are heavy, cordless stick vacuums get heavy in your wrist after 20-25 minutes anyway, making the additional runtime irrelevant for the standard shopper.
  • I’ve tested and reviewed four Dyson stick vacuums during the last two years. Unsurprisingly, every iteration is best than the last, and that’s how I’ve ranked them (i.e., Dyson V11 is the perfect).
  • Dyson V11 could also be one of the best machine general, however Dyson V8 Absolute is the perfect guess for most people as a result of it’s just $350 and works with all flooring varieties. It’s a unbelievable value and offers two rollers: one for hardwood and one for carpet.
  • If you wish to study extra concerning the previous generations, I’ve written two different comparability posts:

Dyson V11


Carpet (A+):

  • The brand new Torque Drive curler is nearly the identical as V10’s, nevertheless it senses the ground surface sort and modifications the suction degree and curler velocity mechanically.
  • I can’t discover the official Airwatt scores for each suction mode, but there’s little question the V11 has probably the most power.
  • The “Turbo” suction mode has 185 Airwatts of suction and is probably the most highly effective suction from stick vacuum available on the market.
  • While the additional energy isn’t worthwhile when on arduous flooring, it’ll come in useful when going deeper on carpets. (I made a video displaying every suction mode while on carpet with rice.)

Onerous Flooring (B):

  • While vacuuming on onerous flooring, you’ll use the Torque Drive cleaning head. As a result of unfortunately, Dyson doesn’t sell a V11 Absolute variant in the US (they do in the UK although).
  • Regardless of superior suction power within the V11, it doesn’t work higher on arduous flooring.
  • The Gentle Roller from the V10 is suitable because both vacuums are the identical wattage, and could be purchased individually for $150 on Amazon. Like I mentioned before, the Delicate Curler isn’t mandatory for onerous floors, but enhances effectivity. When you’re spending premium money on a vacuum, why not get one that’s absolutely optimized for onerous flooring?
  • When comparing the V11 Torque Drive to the V10 Absolute on exhausting flooring, my choice continues to be the V10. When you bought the Gentle Roller individually and put it on the V11, you’d get extra power (not noticeable on exhausting flooring) and an extended runtime.

Battery (A+):

  • The V11 has 3600mAh battery and advertises as much as 60-minutes of battery life. In contrast to the V10, Dyson is underselling the battery runtime. I had even better outcomes with the motorized tools hooked up.
  • With motorized instruments (Torque Drive, Direct Drive, Mini Motorized) you’ll get:
    • Low Suction: 66 minutes.
    • Medium Suction: 43 minutes.
    • Max Suction: 8 minutes.
  • It takes 4.5 hours to recharge the battery absolutely from zero%.

Design (A):

  • There are three main variations within the design in comparison with V10: the addition of an LCD display, the load, and the noise degree.
  • LCD Display:
    • The display exhibits which cleansing mode you’re in, and the way long the vacuum will run for. This runtime dynamically modifications based mostly on the mode and roller getting used. It’s cool to see a precise time remaining, but I found it wasn’t all the time correct. Also, are individuals vacuuming for more than 40 minutes at a time? But in case you’re planning on using the Turbo mode on carpets, the display might be helpful.
    • The display exhibits errors, reminiscent of clogs or filter misalignment.
    • Dyson missed a chance to point out the time remaining until recharge.
  • Weight:
    • The hand-held weighs 4.4 pounds. It’s mild enough to work as an incredible handheld vacuum, nevertheless it’s close to a pound heavier than V10. The added weight comes from the added display and the 60% greater battery from final yr.
    • In the event you’re planning to make use of handheld and the wand collectively to wash areas above your head (blinds, corners, ceilings, issues you’ll be able to’t reach, and so forth.), you’ll discover an enormous difference since you’ll be aiming the vacuum upwards and placing numerous additional strain on your wrist.
    • It weighs 6.7 kilos with the wand and a curler hooked up.
    • You gained’t notice the added weight for medium to brief cleaning periods.
  • Noise:
    • It sounds quieter than V10 by a wide margin. The numbers don’t exactly verify what my ears heard. Listed here are my measurements:
      • Eco Suction: 75 Db.
      • Medium Suction: 78 Db.
      • Turbo Suction: 81 Db.
  • It comes with a docking station, however it’s greater than V10’s. I had hoped to put my V11 on my already-installed V10 docking station, but the vacuum is just too massive.
  • It comes with a plastic clip that attaches to the vacuum wand, allowing you to attach two of the attachments (crevice and combination software).

Dyson V10


Carpet (A-):

  • Whereas vacuuming carpets, you’ll use the Torque Drive cleaner head.
  • In virtually every state of affairs, you’ll want no less than the medium suction mode (34 Airwatts), which ought to offer you around 27 minutes of steady vacuuming.
  • The “Max” suction mode has 151 Airwatts of suction and is sufficient power to compete with plenty of corded vacuums.
  • The low suction mode (16 Airwatts) isn’t enough power in most conditions while on carpets.

Arduous Flooring (A+):

  • While vacuuming exhausting flooring, you’ll use the Smooth Curler head, which is usually known as the “Fluffy” head. The Tender Roller is a gamechanger for onerous floors for a number of causes:
    • It makes use of carbon fiber filaments to assist scale back static electrical energy, helping it decide up advantageous mud other vacuums will miss.
    • The Smooth Curler is faster at cleaning up on hardwood, and you’ll protect more battery.
    • You possibly can often get away with utilizing the bottom power setting.
    • Bottom line: For normal, everyday, cleaning (mud, hair, cereal spills, and so on.), the Smooth Curler cleans extra efficiently and for longer on one charge as a result of solely the low setting is needed.
  • The only draw back to the Delicate Roller is you’ll have to hold both included rollers (Mushy and Torque Drive) in case you have carpets. The Tender Curler gained’t work on carpet. If your home is usually arduous flooring (wood, tile, laminate, concrete), the Smooth Curler is a must have and that is solely included with the Absolute variants.
  • You possibly can vacuum arduous flooring with the Torque Drive head just high-quality, but you’ll want to use the medium setting and it’s not as environment friendly as a result of it tends to push objects moderately than choosing them up on the first attempt (examine my video).
  • If using just one head is your plan, you’ll need to purchase the V10 Animal to save lots of $100 from the Absolute.

Battery (B):

  • The V10 has 2300mAh battery and Dyson advertises a 60-minute runtime.
  • The runtime commercial is inaccurate. That number only applies for those who’re using the vacuum as a handheld with out attachments.
  • With motorized instruments (Mushy Curler, Torque Drive, Direct Drive, Mini Motorized) you’ll get:
    • Low Suction: 45 minutes.
    • Medium Suction: 27 minutes.
    • Max Suction: 7 minutes.
  • You’ll need the medium suction mode in most conditions on carpets and the low suction on exhausting floors.
  • It takes 3.5 hours to recharge the battery absolutely from zero%.

Design (A):

  • The hand-held weighs 3.7 pounds with balanced weight distribution. It’s mild enough to work nicely as a handheld.
  • It weighs 5.8 kilos with the wand and a roller hooked up.
  • The V10 sounds considerably louder than V11. My not-so-accurate numbers say it’s louder but the distinction is just not substantial:
    • Low Suction: 77 Db.
    • Medium Suction: 81 Db.
    • Max Suction: 91 Db.
  • All V10 variants (Absolute, Animal, Motorhead) include a docking station, a crevice, and combination software for utilizing the vacuum as a handheld.
  • The dustbin holds 757 ml of dry material.
  • You push down on the button and the debris is squeegeed out of the dustbin. You don’t should get your palms dirty.

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