For Summer Cooling & Winter Warming

The BedJet promises to each cool or heat your bed as the seasons and your temperature wants change.

I normally use a simple mattress fan in the summertime, and my companion likes to have heated bedding for the shivery winter nights. So in principle, I favored the thought of having only one gadget that can do each jobs.

I was additionally to learn how nicely the dual zone concept works. My companion and I typically sleep in separate beds, with totally different temperature preferences being one of many major causes.

If the BedJet provided a method for us to have totally different temperatures in the identical bed, it’d make it simpler for us to sleep collectively extra typically. To seek out out if this may be potential, I ordered one from and put it to the check.

Straightforward Set up

image showing the parts of the bedjet ready for installation

The very first thing to note is that the instruction guide could be very comprehensive and straightforward to comply with. It’s quite an extended guide because the BedJet has so many features, so it’s good that there are clear pictures displaying you the best way to install it.

There are solely 6 foremost elements to assemble really, and it’s straightforward to do so. You slide the bottom mount beneath your mattress, and slot in sufficient extender hyperlinks to get the nozzle to take a seat on prime of your mattress.

Then you definitely connect the air nozzle to the hose, slot the hose into the bottom unit, and that’s it for the actual elements.

photo of my bedjet setup next to my bed


How it works

The BedJet blows a strong, focused stream of recent room temperature air. And that disperses the body warmth and moisture that accumulates underneath the mattress sheets.

The instructions state that it works greatest when the room temperature is lower than 79 °F (27 °C). So it’s not a alternative for air con in extreme heat.

How it feels

The air the BedJet blows undoubtedly feels cool once I use it. I tried it when the room temperature was hovering across the 79 °F threshold, and it was greater than highly effective enough to maintain me feeling snug.

The truth is, the maximum setting is so highly effective, I don’t usually use it on greater than 70% power, and even much less because the night time progresses.

Both the distant management and the App let you change the air circulate in 5% increments, so there are 20 potential energy settings. It’s nice to have that positive degree of control, making it straightforward to seek out the cooling degree that does the job and feels snug.

For me, the cooling was far more effective than a traditional fan in conjunction with the bed or a ceiling fan. And far superior to the cooling mattress pads and gel pads I’ve tried.

So I feel this quote from the guide appears justified:

This technique of in-bed cooling has been demonstrated by infra-red cameras to offer probably the most speedy removing of body warmth and body moisture from a mattress of any product available on the market immediately

If cooling is your important want then, the BedJet gets an enormous thumbs up from me. I discovered I felt cooler, sweat less in the night time, and the air circulate in the AirComforter sheet (see under) stored me cool with out disturbing my sleep.

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photo showing the bedjet nozzle going into the aircomforter sheet


The way it works

In some ways, the heating is even more impressive than the cooling; the BedJet is capable of warming your bed so shortly, it redefines the which means of ‘pre-heat’.

It works with a ceramic stone heating component, which heats the air flowing over it. There are 20 incremental settings on the traditional heat mode, supplying you with air temperatures ranging from 72 to 104 °F (22 to 40 °C).

And the turbo heating, which works as a pre-heat or fast burst, is able to elevating the temperature of your bedding by as much as 30 °F above ambient in beneath 5 minutes.

How it feels

It’s impressively efficient, and just like the cooling setting, type of pointless to use the maximum warmth settings until your bed room is a frozen icebox.

It was nice to have such efficient heating without the odor of mud or lint (because of the ceramic stone). And it’s good to know that there are not any wires or electrical energy within the bed with you.

My companion liked the heating, as she’s less than fond of the colder nights right here in England. So for her, the heating is ideal; it keeps her ft warm, her body cozy, and stops her waking up in the night time feeling chilly.

Different features


The producers claim the BedJet has the very best degree of safety for an air heating gadget. The ceramic stone doesn’t get scorching sufficient to trigger problems, the casing is cool to the touch and there are not any wires in your bed.

There are additionally several auto shut-off options which add an extra layer of safety; the turbo heat, for instance, can solely be used for five minutes in each 30.

The App features

There’s a distant management which allows you to choose all the primary settings. And if you wish to, there’s an App which provides you more in depth control. It works by way of Bluetooth for all Android and iPhone smartphones.

photo of my phone using the bedjet app

Airflow and temperature

Each the distant and the App permit you to shortly regulate the airflow. But the App also enables you to modify both the movement and the precise temperature, which is useful for finding one of the best combination.

Auto-off and steady modes

The BedJet provides you full management over how lengthy you will have the heating or cooling on for, which is likely one of the methods it really shines in comparison with other heated bedding merchandise.

There’s a default of 5 minutes for the turbo warmth, 20 for the traditional warmth and 10 hours for the cooling. However you possibly can improve these to 10 mins for the turbo warmth, four hours for the traditional heat and 12 hours for the cooling.

It’s nice to have that degree of management, though a shame you actually need to use the App to get it right. You need to use the distant to extend the time, but you need to press the timer button and rely the beeps. A display on a future version of the distant can be an apparent improvement I feel.

Advised temperatures

In case you’re unsure what temperature will work greatest for you, you’ll be able to experiment using the visual thermometer on the App.

There are additionally some beneficial presets to attempt – a desert breeze, mild heat and night time sweat dry.

Apparently, BedJet advocate making an attempt the heat on the lowest setting in case you have night time sweats. So it’s useful to have that choice clearly out there on the App.

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Biorhythm sleep sequence

screenshot of the bedjet app showing the biorhythm sleep sequence control

The biorhythm sleep sequence is probably my favorite function. It lets you program temperature modifications because the night time progresses, even switching off after a couple of hours and back on once more in the morning.

This lets you do things like warm the mattress once you first get in, then slowly cool you down (which helps promote sleep), and wake you in the morning with mild heat.

It takes some time to work out what works greatest for you, but there’s a useful questionnaire based mostly in your ordinary feeling in bed to check out and modify from there.

I feel this function may show a bit too complicated for individuals who aren’t so tech savvy and find it tough to navigate telephone Apps. However should you like the thought of getting full control and experimenting with temperature, it’s a implausible function.

screenshot of the bedjet app screen 2

And when you do find your excellent cycle, it can save you it in the reminiscence to make use of again. And with the choice to save lots of multiple pattern, it’s one other considerate contact from the producer.

Twin zones and the AirComforter

There are two ways you and your companion can have totally different temperatures in your aspect of the bed. And each require the AirComforter to work to one of the best effect.

The AirComforter is a high quality 100% cotton prime sheet with 2 individual hole cavities, with openings to fit the air nozzle into.

When you have one BedJet, then the one that most needs to alter the temperature of the mattress can apply it to their aspect, while the other sticks with the traditional room temperature. And when you have 2 BedJets, you’ll be able to each management the temperature in your aspect of the mattress.

We used an AirComforter with 2 cavities and only one BedJet to keep the fee down. We figured that if one us is proud of the ambient room temperature in the summertime or winter, the opposite can take their flip to have the BedJet on their aspect.

I was slightly skeptical that the sheet would maintain the chosen temperature to at least one aspect of the bed, especially when utilizing the heating, however it does work very properly.

It’s notably good at maintaining the cooling on one aspect. But even the heating doesn’t unfold much until you lie proper up towards the divide within the center.

photo of the bedjet air comforter

Sharing a mattress

We’ve now had a chance to check the BedJet in both warmer and chilly climate, and have been very impressed.

The AirComforter allows us so as to add heating or cooling with out making it insufferable for the other in mattress. Considering it’s a cotton sheet, it does a superb job of protecting the temperature to only one aspect.

Having stated that, I do assume you need a large enough bed to permit just a little area in the center so that you don’t really feel any of the temperature flowing by way of the AirComforter cavity.

The bottom line though is that we’re capable of share a mattress extra typically now, as the important thing issue of temperature could be managed by us. So as far as we’re involved, the AirComforter is a helpful additional.



  • Efficient at cooling and heating, removing the need for separate units.
  • No wires or electricity in the bed.
  • Straightforward to assemble.
  • A variety of additional safety features comparable to an auto shut-off.
  • 20 cooling settings, helping you sleep in scorching climate and deal with night time sweats.
  • Turbo heat warms the bed in simply 5 minutes.
  • 20 air stream settings with the traditional warmth mode.
  • Remote control or smartphone App provides you 2 management choices.
  • Twin zones and AirComforter give 2 individuals complete management over their aspect of the mattress’s temperature.
  • Programmable temperature modifications in the course of the night time aid you sleep comfortably.
  • 2-year guarantee.


  • The cooling loses some of its effectiveness if the bed room air temperature could be very scorching.
  • The physical remote management is primary compared to the App, and doesn’t offer you full management. It doesn’t have a display telling you the current setting or timer options.
  • It makes a noise just like a large fan at maximum settings (though on settings more typical of all night time use it’s very quiet).


My companion and I are each very happy with our BedJet. We like the truth that we not want an enormous fan looming over the bed in the summer. And on colder nights, it does a fantastic job of protecting her heat without making me overheat.

The cooling is what most interests me, and I feel it’s undoubtedly higher than some other cooling product I’ve tried. However paradoxically, even I agree with my associate that it’s the heating that makes it such a powerful gadget.

The range of features and programmable warmth settings could be very impressive, and sets a high bar for another heated bedding merchandise to comply with.

There are a number of criticisms, but actually the only factor that lets it down is the remote management. But then once more, the App is incredible, so BedJet could be forgiven for that.

General, I feel if the temperature has a huge impact on your sleep, the BedJet is certainly one to have in your radar.

Whether or not you sleep alone or with a companion, you’ll be capable of find just the proper temperature to sleep comfortably all night time lengthy.

Update – 18 months later

It’s now been 18 months since we first obtained the BedJet, and I’m pleased to report that it’s nonetheless going robust. Upkeep has been minimal, and it hasn’t brought on any points in any respect as time goes by.

We’re now positive that it’s truly even better within the winter than the summer time! Although the cooling works nicely, the heating is just excellent – particularly in case you endure from chilly ft in the winter.

The moment warmth it offers is unbeatable actually – a lot better than heated bedding, though you do need to regulate just how much heat you pump into the bed. It also feels safer than heated bedding because of the absence of wires beneath you.

I’ve also lent it to visitors once they keep over and had to fend off multiple request to take it house with them to ‘test’ it for me! So it will get a powerful thumbs up throughout.

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