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How To Put Lush Deep Stripes In Your lawn

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First off let me explain how I do know.

As well as managing this website, I have also been operating a very properly established Lawn care enterprise here within the uk (In South Yorkshire).

Let me present you my very own lawn as of 2019

Getting stripes in your lawn – a easy methods to guide

To begin with, anybody can get stripes.  Just exit and buy a lawn mower that has a roller on the again and you’ll have stripes.

There are additionally different methods to place stripes. through which I will present you, however in case you are wanting that beautiful glowing vibrant Inexperienced coloured Grass that makes you stop and stare (and be tremendous proud about), you have to be ready to put in some work.

I’m not talking about hours and hours of again breaking work however I’m speaking about taking the time to mow common, water regular, mow right and use the correct products to deliver your lawn to life.

Step 1: Have endurance

Perceive this.  An attractive lawn takes time to realize.  You possibly can have a nicer weed free lawn in a number of months that’s Greener and more pleasing with the best products (weedkillers and fertilizers).

Nevertheless these alone won’t repair issues beneath the ground.

Step 2: Measure your lawn

You won’t see this as vital simply yet, but as you start to apply merchandise you’ll need to know the dimensions of your lawn so you don’t over apply merchandise or beneath apply them.

With my offline lawn care business I exploit a measuring wheel like this one on Amazon, but you’ll be able to merely step out rough metre strides as greatest you’ll be able to.

To measure the dimensions of your lawn, if it’s a square form or rectangle is good and straightforward, measure alongside one aspect, then measure alongside one other aspect, for example one of many longer sides and one of many shorter sides.

Multiply each together.

So if the long aspect is 5 metres and the brief aspect is four metres then 5 x four = 20, which means your lawn is 20 sq. metres.

What if your lawn is a humorous shape, or there are things in the best way like sheds or rockeries or ponds?

Personally I get as near an accurate measurement as I can however I don’t sweat if I’m not 100% accurate.

From my very own experience, I’ve by no means had any points with merchandise being put down based mostly on aproximate measurements.

I’ll take a look at a lawn and attempt to see a sq. in it or a rectangle.  I will attempt to break up a lawn into sections if it is a massive lawn or goes around corners and so on.


lawn sizes

In the above example I’ll use imaginary sizes to get my “approximate” sq. meterage:

Lawn 1 is 5 metres across x 2 metres down – that’s 5 x 2 = 10 sq. metres

Lawn 2 I will still measure the two sides and multiply collectively, for those who might bodily push the highest right nook across to the left it will be a rectangle, so it’s nonetheless the identical space, lets imagine lawn 2 is 2 metres throughout x 7 metres down, so 2 x 7 = 14 square metres

Lawn three is a triangle.  Think about you made a replica of lawn 3 and flipped it the wrong way up, and pushed it to the left so its longest aspect touches lawn 3s longest aspect.. as they meet a rectangle is shaped, so measure each side, multiply together then divide by two.  So lets think about lawn 3 is 7 metres tall x 2 metres large, which would make 14, but its not a rectangle, it’s half one a rectangle so we divide that figure by 2 to get 7 sq. metres

Lawn four is an oval.  For an approximate I merely measure across the longest after which down the shortest bit, so lets think about it’s 4 metres throughout from left to right and a couple of metres down from prime to backside, so thats 4 x 2 = 8 square metres.

Lawn 5 is a rectangle.  Measure the dimensions of the rectangle, let’s imagine 5 metres throughout x 2 metres down, so 10 sq. metres.  Then measure the shed, let’s imagine its  2 metres x 2 metres so 4 square metres.  NOW… merely take away the shed measurement from the lawn measurement.  So 10 minus four = 6 sq. metres

The whole “rough” sq. metres measurement is  10 + 14 + 7 + eight + 6 = 45 sq. metres

If you want to be more correct in your measurements there are tonnes of on-line tools that will help you make the calculations.

Here’s some to get you going:

Step three: Walk on your lawn

Critically, take a stroll round your lawn.  When was the final time you walked over it and seemed down at what’s occurring?  What do you see?

Does the lawn feel spongy beneath your ft?

  • It’s both moss or thatch within the lawn.

Both means, the lawn will must be raked or scarified to get that out of there.. As soon as that’s out the ground will feel firmer.  Rain, air and nutrients will be capable of reach the soil much easier now as an alternative of making an attempt to get down by means of a layer of “stuff”.

Moss happens as a result of a lot of causes.  Damp shaded areas, OR you’re chopping the lawn to brief.

Increase the peak of your minimize so there’s at the very least an inch of grass blade displaying.  This manner the sun can get to it, photosynthesize, create a sugar and feed itself… or briefly grow to be a thicker lusher lawn.

Thatch is just a construct up of organic stuff, i.e. grass clippings that fall in amongst the blades each time you mow.  It builds up like a thatched roof, or a sponge… and this holds on to water stopping it getting to the soil.

Whenever you water it does the water sit on the ground before seeping in?

  • Probably will probably be compacted, so I like to recommend hole tine aerating the lawn.  You’ll be able to hire these machines

An aerator punches holes within the soil each 3 inches roughly.. This lets air, rain and fertilizer get straight to the basis zone.  It also encourages grass roots to push down deeper.  Aeration is something it is best to do annually.  As you stroll on your lawn it compacts the bottom little by little pushing air molecules together… finally though this slows down the speed of water getting in.

You will get by with every different yr IF you are ready to push the fork into any Brown areas that start to seem.  This can help rather a lot, but the fork is finally pushing soil further down creating extra compacted areas in the log time period.

Do you’ve got any naked or thin areas?

Get some seeds into there as quickly as potential.  Spring or Autumn are greatest as these are damper months.

The easiest way to seed is as follows:

  • Scarify to remove thatch (and you may see soil)
  • Aerate to ease compaction
  • Scatter seed
  • Scatter a thin layer of compost over it.
  • Roller it all in
  • Water 2 to 4 occasions a day for 4 weeks minimum

Finally your seeds want to touch the soil.  Seed to soil contact is a should.

So rake it round till you possibly can see soil, throw seeds down not too heavy then compost and walk on it or curler it.

Choose shade tolerant grass seeds for shaded areas, and regular generic mixtures for most other lawns.  The generic luggage could have some hardy harder grass species in there in addition to a number of the finer fescue grasses that look prettier (however are often the primary to endure in a drought).

When I am seeding if there are shaded areas, I may also combine in some normal seeds for the shaded areas and blend in some shaded seeds into the traditional seed so that every thing blends in across the whole lawn.  What you dont want is to have the ability to see totally different areas with totally different seeds.

So at this stage we now have fastened any issues underneath the ground.  As long as the soil is respectable soil you’re good to go to the subsequent stage.  If the soil isn’t nice or there’s clay in there, what it is advisable do is instantly after aeration and seeding, brush in several luggage of compost and/or topsoil across the lawn.

This provides you an surroundings underneath the ground that’s now extra natural, and not just poor high quality stuff.

Step four: Fertilize

You need your grass in prime health so it must be fed.  Individuals are going organic increasingly now, so a simple route is to purchase some organic fertilizer.  Hen manure pellets work extremely properly, they usually do get used alone lawn repeatedly.  This bag of hen manure pellets is a advisable selection on Amazon Uk and will cover up to 264 square metres.

Look to fertilize once each 4 to 8 weeks.  I personally use this useful Green hand-held spreader (I have it on setting three or 4, about halfway down) when fertilizing and I walk at a slow-ish tempo, but not too sluggish.  BETTER TO PUT LESS ON YOUR LAWN THAN TO ADD TOO MUCH (AND BURN IT).  You possibly can all the time go over it once more every week later if wants be.

Step 5: Apply weedkiller

There’s nothing more off-putting than a lawn full of coloured weeds, dandelions, daisies or massive thistles.

To spray skilled chemical compounds you have to go on courses to realize herbicide and pesticide qualifications, but for everybody else there at the moment are chemical compounds you should purchase on-line which could be utilized using a watering.

“Weedol for lawns” (out there on Amazon Uk right here) gets a persistently good number of evaluations from previous consumers so seems like it can do the trick.  Just watch out not to over apply any weedkiller as you’re more likely to burn the lawn as properly.  Once I spray with a backpack sprayer I have to calibrate my sprayer to my own private strolling pace.

All I can supply right here then is to walk at a continuing steady pace when applying and to not stroll to slowly, or stand in a single spot for more than a second while making use of.

So by now we’ve fastened underneath the bottom, we’ve sorted above the bottom and you must now have good Green grass rising.

So, onto the primary question for at present.. drum roll..

How to put nice stripes in your lawn which are a deep Green color

Step 6: Select the proper mower

So, you need a roller on the back.  Any mower with a roller will put nicer stripes in, whether or not you pay £150 or £1500!  There are masses on the market on Amazon right right here.  Simply make certain there’s a rear curler where the again 2 wheels normally are.

By the best way, the heavier the curler then higher the stripes will come out, that’s why bowling Greens have costly Atco mowers and so forth.

Personaly I run two normal petrol mowers to do the primary reduce (Viking Mb248 mowers – and I did a evaluate of them right here on my website).

Then I got here throughout a second hand previous mower.  A swordsman reel mower on Facebook market place.  It was only £40 !  That was the discount of the yr!  This factor has an enormous metal curler on it and is answerable for the stripes within the video at the prime of this publish.

Step 7: Mow properly

For those who go by the RHS you need to mow each 5 days, ie 3 occasions a fortnight.  You possibly can handle fantastic with as soon as every week more often than not, but there could be the odd time when you must mow it after 4 or 5 days.

When mowing, never take off multiple third of the grass in anybody minimize.  Taking to a lot off stresses the grass.  Higher to cut off a third, wait a day or two, reduce one other third of and so forth, if it is advisable get it down from a high length.

Make certain your blade is all the time sharp.  A uninteresting blade will bend the grass over and tear at it leaving a jagged minimize with White whispery ideas.  This will lead to illness getting in.

Step eight: Water frequently

You’re aiming for about an inch or two every week, or roughly 90 minutes of water every week.

This could really be accomplished over 2 or 3 watering periods every week of about 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Leaving a number of days between every watering forces the grass roots to push down deeper to hunt moisture.  This leads to stronger roots.

Step 9:  Mow over the stripes 2 or 3 occasions

You’ll discover that if you mow the stripes when you go over them 2 or 3 occasions you’ll get a greater end result.

Thank you!

Did you like this info?

I reside and breathe this lawn stuff every single day so  know these steps work as I preach them every day.

Please share this in the event you prefer it, please comply with it and let me understand how you got on.  Any questions?  please comment under for an answer 🙂

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