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Is Blogging Dead or Alive in 2019?

Is blogging lifeless?

Is it time to dig a grave and sing hymns for blogs or to have fun a revival of blogging?

You’d assume blogging had finally died if you take a look at a slew of articles saying the dying of running a blog. The truth is, additional down, you’ll find a listing of weblog posts that have trumpeted the demise of running a blog annually since 2009.

In fact, we have to think twice about what we mean by weblog. Blogs initially began out as net logs, that’s, as on-line web sites the place writers would create a log or journal of their actions.

Lately, the phrase weblog means a standalone web site with changing content material, both self-hosted on a website belonging to the blogger or on blog-specific, free blogging platforms, like Blogger or

It’s protected to say that blogging  is here to stay, regardless that articles on the dying of blogging abound. Listed here are some examples (with the three most up-to-date  examples linked):

In 2009, Brian Clarke wrote tongue-in-cheek: “Welp, it’s time once again to log out of WordPress and turn out the lights. Once again, blogging is dead.”

He went on to say: “Don’t get me wrong… as always, change is definitely happening. But it doesn’t mean blogging is dead this time around anymore than it has every other time this discussion pops up.”

Nevertheless, not each sort of weblog or each blogging type continues to be viable ten years later. Further down, I’ll speak about what kind of blogs do nicely lately. However first, let’s contemplate authors.

I discovered a very long time in the past how essential it is for writers to have an internet presence.

In 2000, lengthy earlier than there have been blogs, I created a simple web site and revealed some articles on relationships.

Think about my shock when a well known publisher contacted me and invited me to put in writing a e-book about enhancing relationships. Once I learn their e mail, I screamed so loudly, my cat fled underneath the bed. My guide “Learn to Love” was subsequently revealed in seven languages.

My motivation for creating the website was to showcase my writing expertise and information about relationships. It was like hanging out a shingle. However lately, individuals start blogs for a lot of totally different causes.

Why do Individuals Blog?

Just lately, Kyle Byers of Growthbadger requested over a thousand bloggers about their motivation. Listed here are a number of the results about motivation from the article Weblog Statistics: What We Discovered from 1,117 Bloggers (2019 Research):

As you’ll be able to see, being profitable is the no. 1 motivation for blogging, intently followed by ‘interest in the subject’.

Operating a weblog also takes motivation. It’s essential have actual interest in your matter otherwise creating content turns into a chore.

Why Blogging Issues

Wanting on the stats above, I’m stunned that making an impression or serving to individuals exhibits such a low score for skilled bloggers.

For me, that’s the enjoyment of running a blog!

We lately created a free course, Confidential Methods of Prime Blog Writers and I really like waking up each morning to recent testimonials of enthusiastic individuals. Testimonials like these…

I liked the clear, concise, partaking, and succinct presentation.

“I’ve learned so much – even just from the first lesson. And to think that this course is free…Thank you for your generosity!”

I feel that If we need to grow as human beings, we must be beneficiant and give attention to how we might help others. That’s why I feel ‘helping individuals’ must be the no. 1 motivation for bloggers. Under you’ll be able to see that superblogger Jon Morrow of agrees.

Jon Morrow on why Blogs Matter

“We want our writing to help people, to inspire them, to change them from the inside out.”

Isn’t that a fantastic aim? To vary individuals from the within out.

Every time you write a weblog submit, ask yourself, “How can I change the lives of my readers today?” You don’t have to purpose for giant modifications; you possibly can change the lives of your readers in small ways by…

  • Serving to them understand they’re not alone.
  • Offering them new info.
  • Letting them study one thing new.
  • Inspiring and motivating them.

In case your motivation is to help other individuals, in case you really care about your readers, you’ll by no means get sick of running a blog.

In fact, a weblog that is thriving is extra fun to run than one which’s stalled. Let’s take a look at which type of blogs work in 2019.

Which Weblog Varieties Work in 2019?

Take a look at the following infographic to seek out out.

Nowadays, personal blogs have lost their attraction for readers. Nevertheless, some bloggers have tweaked their personal blogs and grow to be very successful.

Take, for instance, the blog MummyWasASecretDrinker. This weblog was conceived as a public diary of a lady making an attempt to turn out to be sober. Nevertheless, a couple of months into blogging, Clare Pooley  started including advice for others who wrestle with sobriety. With this transfer, the blog was a resource of others.

Clare Pooley then wrote a New York Occasions bestseller: The Sober Diaries (based mostly on her blog entries). She has now began a new blog together with her own domain and is an acclaimed public speaker.

The lesson right here is you could rescue a private weblog by making it into a resource for others while still basing it in your life and expertise.

Why hasn’t Social Media Taken Over?

When individuals wrote concerning the demise of running a blog in the past, most authors thought that social media would take the place of blogs. Take a look under to see how Brian Clark of Copyblogger already grasped the complete picture in 2009, method forward of anybody else.

Why Social Media hasn’t Killed Blogs

The impression of Fb and Twitter is a strong development that shouldn’t be dismissed. However the story stays the same: individuals who mainly need to socialize, share links, and submit footage of their cat ought to be using social networks as an alternative of running a blog, and that’s exactly what’s occurring.

There are two the reason why blogs continue to flourish, regardless of social media.

Purpose #1: Individuals like long-form content

Many people like studying in-depth articles. In reality, long-form posts with 2,000 or extra words have a greater probability of getting ranked greater on Google than brief posts.

In his article, Why You Ought to Create Long-Type Content material (And How you can Do It), Neil Patel weighs in about long-form posts.

Why You Should Write Lengthy-Type Posts

“Ultimately, you should create long-form content because it will get you more of what you want: more online visibility (social shares, links), more proof of your authority and industry expertise, and more material for altruistic community building and engagement.”

Creating prolonged, in-depth posts with loads of info not only fits many readers, it also has benefits for the blogger.

The Advantages of In-Depth Posts

The submit can rank greater on Google. In accordance with SearchMetrics, the typical phrase rely of top-ranked content in Google is between 1,140-1285 words.

Longer articles get more social shares and these perform as social proof.

Yes, longer posts will not be only engaging to readers, additionally they have multiple benefits for bloggers. Nevertheless, longer posts must be straightforward to learn. I’ll clarify more about this additional down.

Causes #2: Individuals distrust social media

The second purpose why social media hasn’t killed blogging is that many people now mistrust social media. There have been so many example of false news that individuals are cautious of social media. This development is having a unfavorable influence on Fb.

Stats show that many individuals have already deleted Facebook or entry it less typically.

The stats about Fb under are from an article by the Pew Research Middle which researched the altering habits of American Facebook customers.

blogging dead alive

From: ​​Pew Analysis Middle​

In contrast, individuals seem to trust bloggers extra because their id may be verified extra simply. As Darren Rowse explains in Building Belief With Your Blog:

If you create common content material that modifications the lives of those that learn it, over time individuals will come to know you, like you, and trust you.

What we know is that blogs are evolving on a regular basis. So what modifications should bloggers concentrate on in 2019?

What’s the New Focus of Blogging in 2019?

The main target in 2019 is on high quality content material. As I’ve shown above, readers nowadays anticipate in-depth, useful content. Nevertheless, a more detailed evaluation exhibits that, within that focus, there are two necessary tendencies bloggers want to concentrate on.

Development no. 1: Captivate readers together with your writing fashion

As a result of there’s a lot info on the Internet and the attention span of readers has shortened, bloggers have to study the talent of writing for a web-based viewers. In any other case, they run into problems. Watch the video,  The Hidden Drawback Most Bloggers Don’t Know About, to see what I imply.

Many blogs languish as a result of bloggers don’t know the best way to captivate their readers through the use of special methods to attach readers to the page. The problem is that the majority writers study to put in writing at college or later in life however they never get any training on methods to write for on-line readers.

Once you study the talent of writing for the Internet, your blog gets traction and  you’ll be able to collect a huge audience of loyal followers.

Development no. 2: Weave the magic of tales

The new focus in blogging is on storytelling as a means of content material creation. In an fascinating article about content material creation, the writer says:

Now, content creation shouldn’t be about words on the page however about how these phrases are used to create a narrative. This “story” is greater than only a narrative. It’s the general voice of a model by way of copy, imagery, images, videography, and emotion.

In fact, story telling is a particular talent that it’s essential to acquire.  Izea, an agency for influencers describes one of the blog tendencies in 2019 as follows:

The idea of “story” has unfold throughout social media, from Snapchat to Instagram and from Fb to YouTube. Taking a look at 2019, it’ll be fascinating to see how bloggers use story to construct out and develop their posts.

The issue with utilizing tales is that the majority nonfiction writers don’t know learn how to write stories. In our flagship course for bloggers, the Weblog Author’s Bootcamp, we’ve included training modules which train writers find out how to make weblog posts sparkle via utilizing stories.


What we could be positive about is that blogging is right here to remain. Nevertheless, the craft of running a blog has modified. Our challenge as writers is to adapt to the occasions and develop new expertise suited to the altering online surroundings.

You want to give attention to in-depth content material, use a writing fashion that suits online readers, and work on your capacity to weave stories into weblog posts.

What’s the next evolution of running a blog?

No one know, actually. Some say that having articles written by  AI (Synthetic Intelligence) is the subsequent step.

In line with an article on Hubspot, an experiment of feeding seven Harry Potter books into a pc with synthetic intelligence, they ended up with hilarious strains, corresponding to: “He saw Harry and immediately began to eat Hermione’s family” or “‘Not so handsome now’, thought Harry as he dipped Hermione in hot sauce.”

I experimented with the bot writer You possibly can sort in key phrases after which read what the bot comes up with. Once I chosen the phrase, Tips on how to write weblog posts, I obtained sentences like, “The contours are very useful and probably your life story number 1 when you master how to write a good blog.”

Nicely, I don’t assume we’ll be using writing bots for creating blog posts any time soon!

But a key query remains, is 2019 nonetheless a great time to start out a weblog? Take a look at under what seasoned blogger, Darren Rowse, says.

Ought to You Begin a Weblog in 2019?

“I would argue that now is the best time to start a blog. While blogs have changed over the years, they are still the best way to provide a home base for all your content on whatever topic or niche you’re into, serving whichever audience or community you choose.”

Darren Rowse,

But Learn how to Begin?

Whether you’re eager to start out a blog or are considering of revitalizing a stalled web site, what do you have to do first up? Creating a weblog might feel like an enormous challenge and lots of would-be bloggers really feel like giving up earlier than they even take the first few steps. Like Emma P., a author who just lately asked me the next query:

“I’d like to start a blog and I’ve got lots of ideas of what I’d like to write about but setting up a blog and all the technical stuff just seems too difficult. What should I do?”

My advice is: start writing.

In case you are motivated to create a blog or revitalize your previous blog, it’s essential to make use of your internal momentum. In case you have ideas of what to write down about, sit down and begin writing.

You possibly can publish the articles you write on a public platform, like That’s like parking them in a public area. Afterward, once your weblog is ready, you’ll be able to copy them and paste them into the web site you’ve created.

Nevertheless, a important talent you have to study is the right way to write for a web-based viewers. Get that incorrect, and your weblog is deceased before it’s born.

There is a sense of freedom whenever you begin publishing articles on an enormous platform, like Medium. You’ll be able to experiment together with your matter and don’t need to worry about whether individuals are reading your posts or not. As one blogger stated:

Write like no one’s reading

Later, once you’ve arrange your blog, you possibly can determine which of your articles to use or tips on how to tweak them to suit your new weblog.

On this means, you should use the motivation you are feeling for making a blog, with out having to cope with the technical challenges of establishing an internet site. You’ll be able to then begin creating a weblog at your leisure, understanding that you have already got some materials to print.

What are your thoughts? Let’s have a dialog in the comments.