Plus a sneak peek at PN’s newly updated Level 1 Certification.

When you love vitamin, well being, and fitness — otherwise you’re already a professional in certainly one of these fields — you in all probability get a LOT of diet- and nutrition-related questions from pals, family, shoppers, and/or patients.

That’s why we created this cheat sheet, with evidence-based, easy-to-understand solutions to the most typical questions, all of which are coated in our newly updated Precision Vitamin Level 1 Certification program.


In case you’re a well being and fitness skilled, little question you get a ton of diet- and nutrition-related questions.

Heck, even when you’re just really enthusiastic about health and health, you’re in all probability getting questions all the time.

Arising with the proper solutions might be troublesome, because:

  • The best answer depends upon who the asker is. Young athlete? Center-aged man? Sixty-something lady? Whether you’re actively teaching, or you just have a numerous social network, the questions will run the gamut.
  • There are so many sides of vitamin. Macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, pesticides, GMOs… where do you begin?
  • There’s a TON of confusion about vitamin “truths.” Is pink wine saving your life, or killing you? What about purple meat? Eggs? And the way ’bout that new plant-based weight loss plan?

The reality is, there isn’t any one-size-fits-all reply to any vitamin query.

Nevertheless, should you construct a robust foundation of vitamin information, you possibly can:

  • find out how to precisely decide every individual’s individual needs,
  • understand how targeted vitamin can help their objectives, and
  • get higher outcomes for them, confidently and reliably.


With this text, you’ll begin to build that foundation.

Right here we’ll cowl:

  • what’s actually behind the most typical vitamin questions,
  • why each individual’s distinctive physiology issues,
  • how every individual’s state of affairs will help decide your response,
  • how one can handle food regimen tendencies (Paleo, carb-phobia, and so forth.), and
  • how you can incorporate this data… starting at present.

In fact, this “cheat sheet” is simply a start. There’s so much extra you’ll be able to study.

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For now, let’s get began with a few of the commonest vitamin questions, including:

Question #1: “I’m new to this whole nutrition thing. Where do I start?”
Query #2: “What’s the best diet to follow?”
Query #3: “Is counting calories important for weight loss?”
Query #Four: “Should I avoid carbs?”
Query #5: “Should I avoid grains?”
Query #6: “What (and when) should I eat around my workouts?”
Question #7: “Should I drink less alcohol?”
Question #eight: “Does the Paleo Diet live up to the hype?”
Question #9: “Should I do a detox or juice cleanse?”
Question #10: “Do sleep habits and stress really affect nutrition?”
Question #11: “How should I eat to get six-pack abs?”

Question #1
“I’m new to this whole nutrition thing. Where do I start?”

Let’s start by eliminating nutritional deficiencies.

This one is all the time fascinating, because no one ever needs to consider they have nutritional deficiencies.

Individuals won’t need to hear it at first, but vitamin rookies don’t want a major weight-reduction plan overhaul on day one. They don’t have to “go Paleo” or “eliminate sugar.”

As their coach, your first step ought to be to open beginner shoppers’ eyes to the fact that they in all probability have one or more nutritional deficiencies (significantly — greater than 80 % of the population has at least one).

Till nutritional deficiencies are removed, the physique simply gained’t perform correctly — and that makes any health or fitness aim a lot more durable.

So, to remove deficiencies, your first order of business is to help the individual find workable strategies for rounding out the weight-reduction plan, in order that they get:

  • a bit extra protein,
  • ample vitamins and minerals,
  • enough healthy fat, and
  • more water.

Inform them that you simply’re going to help them establish optimum eating habits one step at a time. Then speak by means of some methods: Discover out which of the nutritional areas listed above might be most difficult for them (for example, a number of the rookies we work with don’t know methods to prepare dinner meat). That’s the issue you’re going to help them clear up first.

Once dietary deficiencies are addressed, you can begin to give attention to issues like meals high quality and portions.

What to say when the individual seems impatient? Clarify: “This process isn’t slow; it’s systematic. It focuses on the things that are in your way right now. Once they’re eliminated, progress happens fast.”


Question #2
“What’s the best diet to follow?”

There isn’t any “best diet.”

As you emerge as a well being, health, and vitamin professional, everyone’s going to need to know: Which dietary “camp” do you belong to?

One of the best coaches keep a neutral place on this. In the event you can, attempt to be a dietary agnostic: someone who doesn’t subscribe to anybody dietary philosophy.

Why? All dietary protocols have their execs and cons. What works greatest for one individual gained’t work greatest for an additional. Additionally: A eating regimen that has labored greatest for someone prior to now gained’t necessarily be what works greatest for them shifting forward.

Tell your shopper or patient that you simply’re going to assist them discover the strategy to eating that works greatest for them right now, whether or not it’s Paleo or vegan, high-carb or low-carb, tight finances or limitless funds — or some mix of all of these.

The reality is, the human physique is amazingly adaptable to a huge array of diets, so one of the best food plan is the one that:

  • matches the individual’s unique physiology,
  • consists of meals they take pleasure in enough to comply with persistently, and
  • is practical for them when it comes to life logistics and finances.

Certainly, you can also make individuals lean, robust, and healthy on a plant-based or a meat-based weight-reduction plan. You’ll be able to assist improve their health with organic, free-range foods and with typical foods. They will shed some pounds on a low meals finances or a vast one.

It just takes a little know-how and a system for using the most effective practices across all diets.


Question #3
“Is counting calories important for weight loss?”

For many individuals, calorie counting could also be more of a problem than it’s value. The excellent news: There’s a higher method.

Weight administration is a simple equation: Eat more than you burn, and you achieve weight. Eat much less and you drop pounds.

However the physiology behind “calories in, calories out” is actually rather more complicated and dynamic than most individuals understand. Plus, it’s imprecise; we estimate that there’s sometimes an error of as much as 25 % on the ‘calories in’ aspect, and on the ‘calories out’ aspect.

Past that, counting calories is an external system (outdoors of your body). In essence, people who rely calories are less more likely to see lasting results as a result of they’re outsourcing urge for food awareness to the food-label gods. To actually win at portion management, coach your shoppers or sufferers on tuning into their inner hunger alerts.

For these reasons, and extra, we tell our shoppers that for most people, counting calories is a lot of work for very little benefit.

(Apparently, most shoppers turn out to be elated once they understand they will get the physique transformation they want with out ever counting calories again.)

As an alternative of calorie counting, we advocate a hand-measure system for portion sizes. Right here the way it works:

  • Your palm determines your protein portions.
  • Your fist determines your veggie parts.
  • Your cupped hand determines your carb portions.
  • Your thumb determines your fat portions.

This technique counts your calories for you, and gets your macronutrients lined up too, with out having to do any annoying food-label math.

Plus, your palms are moveable — they go wherever you go, making portion-sizing very handy. As well as, your arms are usually scaled to your measurement — the bigger you’re, the larger your palms, so the extra food you want and the extra food you get.

Shoppers sometimes get the grasp of this technique inside a week of learning it; then we help them monitor outcomes and tweak as wanted.


Query #4
“Should I avoid carbs?”

No; however let’s ensure you’re getting the proper of carbs.

Ask virtually anybody what they need to do to lose a few kilos, they usually’ll in all probability say: “Cut back on carbs.” As a skilled in a health/health subject, you’ve in all probability heard it dozens of occasions.

Nevertheless, most people would do greatest eating a average quantity of high quality carbs—entire grains (when tolerated), fruit, potatoes, candy potatoes, beans and legumes, and so on. (We emphasize average, in fact).

For men, this often means about 1-2 cupped handfuls per meal. And ladies, about 1 cupped handful per meal.

In fact, the needs of every individual might differ, based mostly on their measurement, exercise degree, objectives, and genetics.

But, bottom line, carbs usually are not inherently fattening, especially entire food sources. And getting enough carbs will help most shoppers train more durable and recuperate better, optimizing progress.

Yep, this is a controversial place to take. However it works. And while avoiding carbs might facilitate speedy weight loss initially, we’ve found that it’s not sensible (or mandatory) for long-term success for most people.


Question #5
“Should I avoid grains?”

No; most people making an attempt to stay lean do greatest with a affordable quantity of entire grains.

Grain discussions are actually fashionable right now, as many individuals have steered they’re dietary enemy #1 and ought to be utterly eradicated. This is scorching news as, simply ten years in the past, they have been supposedly one of many healthiest meals on the planet.

From our perspective, grains aren’t as evil as they’ve been made out to be by the Paleo and Entire30 camps. On the similar time, they aren’t the superfood vegans and macrobiotic eaters recommend either.

Backside line: When you don’t have to eat grains, until you have got celiac disease or a FODMAP intolerance there’s completely no have to keep away from them. (And even in these two situations, it’s solely particular grains that you must worry about).

Most people comply with a better, extra health-promoting food plan in the event that they’re allowed grains in affordable quantities, along with a big selection of other non-grain carb sources like fruit, potatoes, candy potatoes, beans, lentils, and so forth.

Keep in mind, it’s the power to comply with a weight loss plan persistently over time that provides the greatest results, no matter what that food plan is. And until you’re intolerant, there’s no good purpose to totally exclude certain foods, particularly foods you take pleasure in.


Query #6:
“What (and when) should I eat around my workouts?”

It is dependent upon your objectives. Let’s speak about these… then we will provide you with particular recommendations for you.

In case you practice athletes, this is a actually widespread question. But plenty of non-athletes are curious too.

Contrary to common media, most people are greatest served by consuming good high quality entire foods in affordable amounts, without having to concentrate on particular workout vitamin products or protocols.

So you possibly can advise non-athlete degree shoppers to eat a regular, balanced meal 1-2 hours earlier than and after exercise. It will provide sufficient protein and carbs to both gasoline the exercise and maximize recovery/adaption.

Nevertheless, should you coach superior, hard-training shoppers or athletes, inform them you’re going to help with their unique workout-nutrition needs.

Endurance athletes, bodybuilders, or these trying to maximize muscle achieve might add a protein and carbohydrate drink during their exercise. We often advocate about 15 g of protein and 30-45 g of carbohydrate per hour of exercise.

Physique rivals, in addition to individuals making an attempt to maximise fat loss, might add important amino acids (or branched chain amino acids) throughout their workout. We often advocate 5-15 g of EAA (or BCAA) per hour of train.

In the long run, slightly than having one stock reply right here, you might want to be clear about who you’re working with.


Question #7
Should I drink less alcohol?

If optimal health and fitness is your priority, think about reevaluating your consuming habits.

Individuals might balk at that answer initially, but once you lay out the details and make it clear that you simply’re not telling them not to drink, their ears will open.

There’s a lot of confusion about whether consuming is sweet for you or not. That’s primarily as a result of the information media likes to play up new research revealing the attainable cardiovascular advantages of alcohol.

But the fact is, nobody actually is aware of who will benefit from mild to average alcohol consumption. In the meantime, any degree of consuming (even “moderate”) comes with well being risks that must be thought-about.

Heavy consuming — more than 7 drinks a week for ladies and more than 14 per week for males — increases the danger for a lengthy record of health problems involving the guts, brain, immunity, hormones, liver, and metabolism.

However even mild to average consuming can affect sleep, urge for food, and determination making — which absolutely can have a unfavourable influence in your shoppers’ well being and health objectives.

Nonetheless, consuming is an plain part of tradition, and when loved fairly it can be scrumptious and enjoyable.

Inform your shoppers or sufferers that you simply’re going to help them type out their priorities to find out the perfect degree of consuming for them. Then encourage them to track their consuming habits — and the way their consuming habits make them feel physically and psychologically — for a couple weeks.

Most drinkers eat a lot more alcohol than they assume, and once they cease to guage, many determine on their own that it might feel better to chop back.


Query #8
“Does the Paleo Diet live up to the hype?”

Principally, sure. But not for the explanations you assume.

The Paleo Weight loss plan is likely one of the most popular vitamin approaches on the earth right now. There’s little question that it really works for many people. Nevertheless, the rationale it really works has little to do with the story the Paleo proponents inform (evolutionary adaptation, inflammation, and so on.).

Right here’s the deal. Paleo does work for a lot of individuals because it emphasizes principally whole-food sources of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and wholesome fats.

Nevertheless, whereas Paleo is beginning to incorporate extra high-quality carbs, grass-fed dairy, pink wine, and other issues that was “off limits” — the eating regimen can still be too restrictive for some people.

In the long run, Paleo doubtless will get extra right than improper. And if individuals need to comply with it, you’ll be able to assist them do it in a sane, affordable, sustainable method.

However for most, it’s pointless to comply with such a strict dietary ideology. You’ll be able to take the great from the Paleo strategy and eliminate the silly dogma.


Question #9
Should I do a detox or juice cleanse?

In all probability not; most popular detox diets don’t take away toxins or lead to fat loss.

A lot of individuals are nervous concerning the impact of recent way of life elements like poor vitamin, sleep deprivation, stress, and environmental pollution on their health.

So that you in all probability get a truthful number of questions about detox diets and juice cleanses, which have come into vogue as an efficient solution to (supposedly) drop a few pounds and rid the body of impurities.

But detox diets don’t clean out toxins or make it easier to lose body fat. The truth is, detox diets can work towards these objectives by bypassing the body’s pure cleansing techniques and creating a feast-or-famine cycle of eating.

Amongst many issues, detoxes and cleanses typically:

  • are protein deficient,
  • are extraordinarily low in power,
  • cause unhealthy blood-sugar swings,
  • cause GI tract dysfunction, and
  • result in a yoyo of restrictive consuming and overcompensation.

If doing a juice cleanse or detox food regimen helps a individual get able to make further helpful and sustainable modifications of their life, OK. Simply coach them by way of a cautious and monitored protocol.

Nevertheless, we want serving to them construct life-long expertise and incorporate every day practices to improve their health, efficiency, and physique composition with out extreme (and unsustainable) things like detoxes and cleanses.


Question #10
“Do sleep habits and stress really affect nutrition?”

Yes, but these results range from person to person, as do one of the best sleep and stress management methods.

Sleep is just as essential as vitamin and train in relation to enhancing your health, efficiency, and physique composition.

Shoppers and patients ought to be coached via:

  • creating a sleep routine, including having a regular schedule,
  • limiting alcohol and caffeine, particularly within the afternoon/evening,
  • selecting de-stressing actions earlier than mattress,
  • setting an applicable room temperature for sleep,
  • making the room darkish,
  • preserving the room quiet, and
  • waking up appropriately, with mild exposure and tender noise.

As for stress, it’s all about discovering the candy spot. Too much stress, or the improper sort, can hurt our well being. Yet stress can be a constructive pressure in our lives, preserving us targeted, alert, and at the highest of our recreation.

All of it is dependent upon what sort of stress it’s, how ready we are to satisfy it — and the way we view it.

Since stress affects the thoughts, body, and conduct in many ways, everybody experiences stress in another way. Each of us has a unique “recovery zone,” whether that’s bodily or psychological, and our restoration zone depends upon several elements.

It’s essential to teach individuals strategies and expertise to view and handle their own stress load appropriately. The following can improve stress tolerance or diminish stress load:

  • meditation or yoga
  • outside time
  • snuggling a pet
  • listening to enjoyable music
  • deep respiration
  • consuming green tea


Question #11
How ought to I eat to get six-pack abs?”

First let’s discover whether a six pack is well worth the trade-offs.

To answer this one, you first should know if six-pack abs are really what your shopper needs. (And if they’re ready to do what it takes.)

Getting ripped abs is a much greater enterprise than most individuals understand. There are particular benefits to getting that lean (<10 % for many males, and <20 % for most girls), but there are actual trade-offs too.

Alcohol, processed foods, and desserts all must be severely restricted should you’re making an attempt to lose fats and exhibit a washboard stomach. Social conditions typically turn out to be troublesome. Different interests and hobbies might have to lower.

Nevertheless, if shoppers actually need to get a six-pack in the healthiest attainable approach, they’ll have to comply with these rules 90-95 % of the time:

  • eat protein and greens at each meal,
  • embrace healthy fat at most meals,
  • eat a small amount of carbs post-workout only,
  • limit carbs at all different meals,
  • exercise intensely Four-5 occasions per week, and
  • get at least eight hours of sleep every night time.

Armed with this info, you possibly can have an trustworthy conversation about whether your shoppers want the six-pack badly sufficient. (Or if they’d accept moderately lean and wholesome with out giving up a few of the different issues they take pleasure in).



In the long run, yes, it’ll take a while to master these answers on the fly with a vast number of individuals, however the only strategy to get started is to dive right in.

Keep in mind: When you’re anticipated to know all of the solutions, you possibly can’t be anticipated to know all the things about every single individual.

So use the answers on this cheat sheet as a start line (I recommend that you simply do the deeper reading first), and then study more with strategic questions about their specific wants and objectives.

In the long run, being the go-to coach for vitamin questions is about — yes — figuring out the information. Nevertheless it’s also about assembly individuals the place they’re at and garnering expertise when you make the journey together.

Should you’re a coach, otherwise you need to be…

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