Powerbeats Pro vs. Bose SoundSport Free: For Workouts or Casual?

After months of testing, I decided Powerbeats Pro has a slight edge over Bose SoundSport Free as a result of they provide better software stability, noise isolation, and battery life. However Bose SoundSport Free provides extra bass and a extra snug match for prolonged wear.

I’ll clarify how I reached my conclusion by comparing these two true wireless earbuds (Powerbeats Pro vs. Bose SoundSport Free) whereas evaluating six categories: sound, software, fit, design, battery, and train compatibility.

  • Sound: The sound isolation is robust and audio is crisp, but there’s less bass in comparison with Bose SoundSport Free.
  • Software: iOS customers get straightforward pairing, handless “Hey Siri,” and ear detection. Android users get regular Bluetooth.
  • Match: They’ll fit any ear and are great for understanding, but ear fatigue sets in throughout stationary put on.
  • Design: They match flush to the ears and have great playback buttons.
  • Battery: You get 9 hours of playback, plus 15 more with the case. A five-minute cost offers 90 minutes of playback.
  • Train: They’ll stay in place and the playback buttons are straightforward to make use of.

Greatest for you if…

You want the perfect wireless headphones for an lively way of life. Powerbeats Pro offer you twice the battery life and higher noise isolation compared to Bose. And for those who’re an iPhone consumer, the superb software program features make these the clear selection.


Bose SoundSport Free

  • Sound: The audio has wonderful depth and bass, but you’ll be able to hear outdoors noise, particularly wind.
  • Software program: They don’t minimize out typically, but you’re caught with most of Bluetooth’s flaws, like inconsistent connection.
  • Fit: They’re more snug while inactive and can fit any ear, however your ears still get tired should you wear them for lengthy durations.
  • Design: They’re bulky and may catch on issues and the buttons are troublesome to press.
  • Battery: You get 5 hours of playback and a further 10 with the case. A five-minute charge offers 15 minutes of playback.
  • Train: They don’t fall or reduce out, however can probably get caught and allow air in.

Greatest for you if…

You want additional bass or extra consolation for everyday use. Bose SoundSport Free headphones look awkward and have extra noise infiltration than is right, however they sound slightly better and their silicone ideas make them extra snug.

Why take heed to me?

  1. I’ve been obsessive about gadgets since I used to be eight years previous.
  2. I purchased every gadget with MY cash.
  3. I’ll update this publish often because my opinions change.
  4. I don’t have insider access. I’m identical to you, the everyman.

Powerbeats Pro


Sound (B+):

  • Powerbeats Pro and Bose SoundSport Free deliver top-of-the-line consumer-level true wireless sound in the $200 worth vary. Choosing the most effective sound quality between the 2 comes down to non-public choice.
  • Previously, Beats was recognized for overdoing the bass, which sounds thumpy and overpowering, but Powerbeats Pro aren’t like Powerbeats 3 because Apple utterly re-engineered them.
  • The general sound of Powerbeats Pro is simply as clear Bose.
  • Powerbeats Pro aren’t noise-canceling, but they’re better than Bose in this respect, with more outdoors noise isolation.
  • It looks like Beats overcompensated by eradicating too much bass. There’s extra bass than AirPods and others available on the market. However Bose has much more.

Software program (A+):

  • Powerbeats Pro have the identical H1 Chip as AirPods. The H1 Chip alleviates the Bluetooth points while providing a smoother software program expertise. If in case you have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch you’ll get all the advantages of the chip. Powerbeats Pro work with Android units, however they’ll simply perform as common Bluetooth headphones. Right here’s what the H1 Chip does.
    • To set up Powerbeats, you open the case and a message mechanically seems on your iPhone and you tap “connect.” You never go into the Bluetooth settings to pair or unpair.
    • It makes use of iCloud to routinely change between units. You don’t need to go to the settings menu to pair.
    • There’s automated ear detection that stops the music whenever you pull them out, then resumes enjoying when again in your ear.
    • There isn’t a “master” bud like different Bluetooth options because each buds speak to the telephone. You can also make telephone calls and have both buds play the audio or choose to take heed to music with only one bud at a time.
    • You’ll be able to ask Siri to do anything you’d in your telephone, hands-free, by saying “Hey Siri.”
    • You’re introduced with a display that exhibits the battery proportion of the earbuds and charging case if you open the charging case.
  • In contrast to Bose, there isn’t an app to make customizations. The one thing you are able to do is turn off automated ear detection within the iOS settings, but I’m unsure why you’d need to do this.
  • In the event you use the “Find My” app you’ll be able to play a sound via the headphones when you’ll be able to’t find them.

Fit & Consolation (C+):

  • Powerbeats Pro include four ear ideas (the part that goes in your ear), however the ideas are made from a more durable rubber than Bose’s. It supplies extra sound isolation, however less comfort.
  • Additionally they have hooks that wrap around the outdoors of your ear.
  • They should match any ear and the hooks are the failsafe to maintain them in place. They’re not going anyplace.
  • While they’ll feel great for understanding, the exhausting ideas put more strain inside the ears and the hooks add irritation as nicely. Your ears are going to get tired for those who wear them for greater than an hour whereas staying nonetheless.
  • One other factor to think about is that when you wear glasses, the hooks might get in the best way. But you must have the ability to slide them over the top.

Design (B):

  • Earbuds:
    • The headphones have a better construct quality than earlier Beats merchandise.
    • They weigh about the identical as Bose.
    • They sit flush to your ears, offering a extra delicate look compared to Bose.
    • My favorite part about Powerbeats Pro: they have tactile playback buttons which are straightforward to press they usually’re similar on the left and proper. You get quantity up and down track skipping with a double tap of the Beats button.
    • Don’t overlook that music pauses and resumes based mostly on having the earphones in your ears.
  • Case:
    • The case is large (7.8 cubic inches) and weighs zero.29 pounds.
    • The case is an identical peak, weight, and quantity as Bose’s, nevertheless it’s square formed.
    • It expenses with a Lightning cable, which is identical as iPhone’s. This can be a big bonus for Apple users because it means there’s one less twine you’ll have to deliver with you.

Battery (A+):

  • You get nine hours of playback on a single charge. In case you’re operating marathons or doing anything for several hours that requires music, Powerbeats Pro are your greatest guess of any true wireless headphones.
  • The case provides you 15 hours of juice.
  • AirPods have fast charging, however Powerbeats Pro take it to the subsequent degree with “Fast Fuel,” which provides you 90 minutes of playback with a five-minute charge.

Exercise (A+):

  • Like Bose, they are climate and sweat resistant with an IPX4 score.
  • These are the last word exercise headphones. They gained’t fall out and even when they get jarred, the hooks will hold them in your ears.
  • The straightforward-to-press buttons are good for switching songs and adjusting quantity while lively.
  • Fast shifting workouts, like biking, gained’t be affected by the wind because there’s extra sound isolation and the wind gets blocked better.

SoundSport Free


Sound (A):

  • Bose SoundSport Free headphones are the best-sounding true wireless headphones I’ve tried.
  • The sound is crisp and clear. It also has a degree of depth and bass that’s unparalleled.
  • The bass packs a heavier punch than Powerbeats Pro. For me, it’s the right quantity. It’s very present, but not overpowering.
  • There’s no noise isolation by design, which is ok when you’re stationary, however it becomes irritating if you’re shifting shortly as a result of the air will get simply into your ear and distorts the sound. They’re onerous to use on windy days.
  • There isn’t an EQ inside the app. Apple’s recognized for not letting customers customise something however this was a chance for Bose to differentiate itself.

Software (C+):

  • Bose is stuck using pure Bluetooth because they don’t make phones. Bluetooth has substantially improved through the years, but there are still issues all units face:
    • Headphones and speakers randomly don’t hook up with your telephone after a interval of working perfectly, requiring you to “forget the device” and repair.
    • Headphones and audio system join once they’re not purported to throughout telephone calls.
    • Switching units could be challenging.
    • Multiple headphones battle for a simultaneous connection.
  • Powerbeats Pro provide a considerably smoother software experience with their H1 Chip, but Bose does the perfect it might with Bluetooth’s limitations and performs better than 90% of true wi-fi headphone producers.
  • Within the Bose App, you’ll be able to handle Bluetooth connections, letting you take away units you’re not using to remove false connections. Then, with the left bud, you’ll be able to tap the button to cycle by means of your beforehand related units to vary audio sources. Nevertheless, I’m nonetheless in my telephone’s Bluetooth settings more than I’d like.
  • To connect them to your telephone, it is advisable maintain down the Bluetooth button on the left bud and go into your telephone’s Bluetooth settings to pair.
  • You’ll be able to change the standby timer, making the buds fall asleep once they’re inactive.
  • There’s a “Find My Buds” function within the app that plays a sound should you’ve misplaced them.
  • In contrast to Powerbeats Pro, the place each buds hook up with the telephone, Bose’s proper bud is the “master” whereas the left gets a signal that’s relayed from the fitting. You’re more vulnerable to cutouts between the buds and telephone calls only work with the correct bud.
  • There’s an accelerometer that can tell in the event that they’re stationary. If they’re, they’ll go on standby mode to preserve battery.

Match & Comfort (B-):

  • You get three sizes of sentimental silicone ideas that fit on the buds. Everybody ought to be capable of discover a nice match. They’re extra snug than Powerbeats Pro.
  • They naturally present a decent seal with out as a lot strain as Powerbeats Pro.
  • There aren’t any hooks, so that you’ll lose some stability, however they’re more snug with out them.
  • When surveying my buddies, most of them selected Bose’s match for consolation.
  • Whereas Bose is more snug, I’m nonetheless maxed at an hour or so before they grow to be insupportable.

Design (C-):

  • Earbuds:
    • The build quality is nice.
    • They weigh 0.04 pounds.
    • They appear awkward because they protrude out of your ears a lot additional than typical earbuds. You could have issues in the event you plan to make use of them whereas sporting a helmet.
    • The appropriate bud has two quantity buttons and a multi-function button that’s used to play/pause/skip based mostly on the variety of presses.
    • The buttons are exhausting to press, especially when you’re shifting. Typically you’ll tug them out of your ears making an attempt to press the buttons.
  • Case:
    • The case is properly made and has 5 battery life indicators on it.
    • The case is 6.9 cubic inches and weighs 0.22 pounds.
    • It costs with a micro-USB cable.

Battery (C):

  • You 5 hours of playback on a single charge.
  • You get a further 10 hours of battery from the case, however I found the charging case tends to lose battery quicker while in standby in comparison with Beats’ case.
  • A five-minute cost provides you 15 minutes of playback, which is slower in comparison with comparable products.

Train (B-):

  • They are weather and sweat resistant with an IPX4 score.
  • They’ll keep put during an intense workout. But as a result of they stick out a lot, they’re extra more likely to catch on things.
  • I choose Powerbeats Pro for biking because Bose doesn’t block wind nicely.
  • SoundSport Free headphones are nice for operating until it’s a windy day.

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