LambdaTest Selenium Grid Multiple Machines run Technology Tests Using LambdaTest

Using LambdaTest Selenium Grid to Run Tests on Multiple Machines

Some of the annoying issues that testers encounter in the verification part throughout guide cross- browser testing is testing the functionalities of an internet software across totally different browsers, units, and working techniques with respect to time. Subsequently, to cowl hundreds of browsers, units, and operating methods obtainable out there, automation has grow to be a greater various to guide testing for cross- browser compatibility testing.

When it comes to automation, every developer or tester want to use open-source software that gives each security and reliability. And we simply can’t flip our eyes from probably the most acknowledged and renowned automation testing framework generally known as “Selenium.”

So, let’s know something about selenium and why it is the greatest framework to perform automated cross browser testing.

What Is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source automated testing framework that permits testers to automate cross browser testing effectively. The best advantage of using selenium is that there isn’t any licensing value involved in it. Also, it isn’t a single software – it’s a suite that consists of 4 major tools, which includes IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

You may need seen in our earlier blogs the place we mentioned how to automate cross browser testing with Selenium WebDriver. But, selenium net driver isn’t the best selection to run exams on multiple machines because it allows you to carry out browser compatibility testing solely on a single machine, which suggests your automation course of can be restricted to only a specific combination of the browser – operating system – gadget or only these which might be put in in your machine. Additionally, there are another limitations with the Selenium WebDriver setup, akin to:

  • What if you’d like to execute check instances for various operating techniques that aren’t put in on your native machine?.
  • The way you’ll run check instances in several variations of the same browser on your machine?.
  • How to perform your check on multiple browsers?.
  • Verifying the functionalities on platforms and working techniques that aren’t installed on your machine?.
  • Operating parallel exams on your native machine.

These factors prove that verifying an internet software with the native version of selenium net driver shouldn’t be a scalable strategy. There isn’t any doubt that Selenium WebDriver is a superb device to check net purposes on a smaller scale, but the limitations to run parallel checks might be addressed with a selenium grid.

What’s Selenium Grid?

Selenium Grid is another important device of Selenium suite that is based mostly on ‘client-server’ structure. Selenium Grid permits users to perform testing across totally different platforms, totally different browsers, and totally different working techniques at the similar time. There are two versions of the selenium grid – Grid 1 and Grid 2. Principally, Grid 2 is extensively utilized by testers because it follows a Hub and Node trend. The shopper machine in selenium grid is termed as ‘Hub,’ and the server or servers are termed as ‘Nodes.’

A selenium grid is extraordinarily useful in decreasing time on giant and long-running check suites by executing the exams on a number of machines on the similar time. Nevertheless, you’ll have to build an area infrastructure for selenium grid that may assist you scale your testing process, otherwise you’ll have to setup selenium grid on your system to perform cross browser testing throughout quite a lot of browsers, operating methods, and units. But, establishing a selenium grid on your system or constructing an infrastructure for it takes time and requires immense information of Selenium.

So, a better various to set up selenium grid on your system is using online selenium grid that doesn’t require any sort of set up to run checks on multiple machines.

Using Online Selenium Grid

On-line selenium grid allows testers to perform cross browser compatibility testing on the cloud by eliminating the need to arrange a selenium grid on your system or constructing an infrastructure for it. Operating exams on a number of machines with online selenium grid is rather more convenient than setting it up on your system.

Advantages of Using On-line Selenium Grid

Online selenium grid comes with many benefits for automated cross browser testing. Right here, let’s have a look at a few of the major benefits:

One of many vital benefits of using online selenium grid is that it supplies speedy help for any updated browser, working system, and system. Whereas, testing with a selenium grid infrastructure may take enough time to get the up to date hardware to run exams relying upon the testing platform. But, there’s nothing as such with on-line selenium grid, as it is all the time updated with the newest platforms that comes to the market, whether it’s an up to date browser version or a brand new machine.

Another function that on-line selenium grid supplies is the power to scale testing based mostly on your particular requirements. With on-line selenium grid, you’ll be able to select whether you need to carry out the check towards 5 or 20 browsers on the similar time. The web selenium grid stays on standby and can create Virtual Machines based mostly on your necessities.

One factor that can’t be obtained with a selenium grid infrastructure is the developer’s productivity. Nevertheless, the web selenium grid is accessible throughout the day that permits builders to carry out testing anytime whereas substantially growing their productiveness.

Debugging is among the essential points in cross browser testing process. And with on-line selenium grid, debugging becomes extremely simpler because it comes with in depth bug administration tools. These instruments permit you to report bugs during testing and remove them in order that they don’t happen again. Also, using on-line selenium grid presents numerous suggestions mechanisms like screenshots, logging, and video help, which may scale back the debugging time.

Nicely, most of those features depend on the web selenium grid supplier that you simply’re using. With the best online selenium grid provider, you get quick access to a huge number of browser and working methods for testing your net purposes.

You will discover many on-line selenium grid suppliers over the web that provide velocity, flexibility, and safety. And one such on-line selenium grid is offered by LambdaTest. You may be questioning why you must select LambdaTest Selenium Grid over different cloud selenium suppliers to carry out testing on multiple machines.

LambdaTest Selenium Grid

Listed here are some in depth features of LambdaTest Selenium Grid that exhibits why it’s the greatest online selenium grid as in contrast to others.

  • Carry out parallel testing across browsers using LambdaTest Selenium Grid
  • Check your net software as per your necessities
  • Generates automated screenshots while executing check instances
  • View the whole reside testing process in a video format as it is being carried out
  • Help throughout more than 2000 browsers mixtures for Selenium automation testing
  • Help multiple programming languages like Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and lots of extra for automation testing
  • Get pre-installed developer and debugging tools in all distant browsers
  • A cloud-based cross- browser compatibility testing platform that permits you to carry out testing without any worries anyplace, anytime
  • Shortly integrates with bug tracking tools like Asana, Trello, Bitbucket, Jira, Slack, GitHub, and lots of others in only one click
  • Supplies a detailed analysis report of the testing process
  • Get 24*7 tech help from professional automation engineers who help in debugging any issues faced in the real-time

Performing Parallel Testing with LambdaTest Online Selenium Grid

As talked about above, LambdaTest allows you to run check instances in parallel, which suggests when you’ve got multiple concurrent session, you possibly can run check instances on multiple machine at a time. It saves your time in addition to improves productivity.

To make it more clear, let’s think about that you’ve 100 check instances each with a mean run time of 1 minute. Without parallel testing, these exams can take greater than 100 minutes to execute. But, with two concurrent periods, you possibly can run 2 check instances in parallel at a time whereas reducing the construct’s check time to 50 minutes. Equally, with 4 concurrent periods, the cut-down time shall be 25 minutes and so on.

To raised perceive how to perform parallel testing with LambdaTest On-line Selenium Grid; let’s have a look at an instance. On this instance, we’ll carry out parallel testing in Selenium Grid with TestNG framework.

To start out the process, you need the next issues:

  • A LambdaTest Account – You possibly can sign up for free on LambdaTest to create an account and choose the precise package deal based mostly on your wants.
  • Your username, access key,(both of which you’ll  get after signing up on LambdaTest) and the URL.
  • Selenium jars setup with TestNG framework and the platform on which you’ll write your checks.

Nevertheless, when you’re performing parallel testing with selenium grid for the first time, then you definitely’ll have to arrange an surroundings on your system to perform the testing. Establishing the setting requires the following issues:

  • Obtain and set up java package and java run time script on your system.
  • After putting in java package and jdk1.8 on your system, set up the path for java by going to Advanced system settings in pc properties.
  • You’ll be able to validate whether Java is installed or not through the use of cmd.
  • Once Java is put in on your system, you need to download Eclipse and TestNG framework to perform parallel testing. You may as well download TestNG from Eclipse marketplace.

You’ll be able to refer to establishing an surroundings for parallel testing for an in depth preview.

As soon as the setting is about on your pc, you’ll be able to comply with the under steps to carry out parallel testing.

  1. Login to LambdaTest, get your username and entry token by going to profile section beneath the settings tab. Once the entry secret is generated, you should use it on your scripts each time you carry out testing.

We’ll use the under code snippet to perform parallel testing on online Selenium grid utilizing TestNG framework. On operating the under code with Selenium grid, the LambdaTest dashboard will appear on your display, where you will notice parallel testing process throughout the defined browsers in you code. Once the testing is complete, it’s going to show the result of passed exams and failed check. If all the exams are handed, then you’ll be able to close the grid.

import org.openqa.selenium.By;

import org.openqa.selenium.JavascriptExecutor;

import org.openqa.selenium.Keys;

import org.openqa.selenium.Platform;

import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;

import org.openqa.selenium.remote.DesiredCapabilities;

import org.openqa.selenium.remote.RemoteWebDriver;


import org.testng.annotations.AfterTest;

import org.testng.Assert;

import org.testng.annotations.DataProvider;

import org.testng.annotations.Check;

import java.internet.MalformedURLException;

import java.internet.URL;

import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;

public class Cross_browser

public static ultimate String  username= “goyalh27”;

public static last String auth_key = “Q2Obz2PLfTxnwXCRSKe2N7wg28j58CzNOED9wKntdxUxbe3ZBK”;

public RemoteWebDriver driver;

public static remaining String URL= “”;

@Check(dataProvider= “Set_Environment”)

public void login(Platform platform_used, String browser_Name, String browser_Version)

DesiredCapabilities capability= new DesiredCapabilities();




capability.setCapability(“build”, “cross_browser”);

functionality.setCapability(“name”, “cross_browser”);

capability.setCapability(“network”, true);//to allow network logs

functionality.setCapability(“visual”, true);//to allow screenshots

functionality.setCapability(“video”, true);//to enable video

capability.setCapability(“console”, true);//to enable console logs


driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new URL(“https://” + username + “:” + auth_key + URL), functionality);

catch (Exception e)

System.out.println(“Invalid grid URL” + e.getMessage());




driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//input[@class=’gLFyfgsfi’]”)).sendKeys(“lambdatest”, Keys.ENTER);

driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//*[@id=’rso’]/div[1]/div/div/div/div/div[1]/a”)).click on();

String url= driver.getCurrentUrl();

Assert.assertEquals(“”, url);

System.out.println(“I am at Lamdatest page”);

catch (Exception e)


@DataProvider(identify=”Set_Environment”, parallel=true)

public Object[][] getData()

Object[][] Browser_Property = new Object[][]

Platform.WIN8, “chrome”, “70.0”,

Platform.WIN8, “chrome”, “71.0”


return Browser_Property;


public void tearDown()

driver.give up();

On this code, we’ve outlined the variables containing the username, entry key, the URL to connect to whereas utilizing RemoteWebdriver. Also, a way identify ‘getdata’ is outlined with the Dataprovider annotation the place totally different browsers, their versions, and totally different platforms are mentioned on which we’ll check the script.

Here we’ve got set the attribute parallel to true to carry out parallel testing in Selenium with TestNG on defined sets. Aside from the script, you’ll also need an xml file to perform parallel testing. Under is the xml file that we’ll use for parallel testing on TestNG framework.

2. Now, we’ll use the @check annotated technique which can take the parameters to return by the dataprovider technique. In this technique, the desiredcapability class will probably be used to set the browser identify, browser model, platform on which you need to perform parallel testing and some other essential attributes. You possibly can set the specified capabilities in your code using LambdaTest Capability Generator.

3. As soon as your script is full without any errors, you possibly can run parallel testing — Right-Click on on the TestNG.xml file and select Run on Selenium Grid. As informed earlier, you will be unable to see the actions in the browser, but the parallel testing status shall be displayed on LambdaTest dashboard as soon as the testing course of is full.

four. The automation analytics dashboard will display the check outcomes performed on totally different platforms. You’ll be able to watch the video to verify the steps performed by your script.

6. The LambdaTest dashboard will display an summary of your complete parallel testing process as shown under:

As mentioned earlier, LambdaTest Selenium Grid supplies automated screenshots for testing your scripts, so you possibly can view the screenshots of the variety of checks handed or failed, number of automation suites, despatched request and their response, and so forth. in the automation tab. This manner, you possibly can shortly perform parallel testing in your net software on LambdaTest Selenium Grid.


Parallel testing of your net software is essential when users are accessing your web site by means of totally different platforms, browsers, or units. But, guide testing is just not the fitting strategy to cowl all these platforms in a single time. Subsequently, choosing automation over guide testing is a brilliant selection. In this article, we talked about online Selenium Grid, how it is useful for automation testing, and carried out parallel testing with two browsers directly using the web LambdaTest Selenium Grid.